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What is the Basilio Scientific School?

The Teachings the Basilio Scientific School transmits lets us know that we are souls or spirits, temporarily inhabit a human body, answering existential questions: what am I, what are we doing here and where are we going.


The School is scientific because it does not contain dogmas, since its religiosity allows it to investigate. It does so within the field of Intuition, which is also called Mediumship, which is a function of the system of Mind, which all human beings possess.


The Spiritual Teaching that Jesus of Nazareth transmits to us explains the causes that motivate suffering and the reason for the different outcomes. Reincarnation is a reality and should not be confused with explanations that include fantasies.

Incarnation is an opportunity that the spirit freely accepts, which allows it to temporally inhabit a human body, endowed with a mind that enables it to elaborate thought, and capture, interpret and transmit spiritual communications. Reincarnation is the possibility of reincarnating in other successive lives, in different families and with different bodies. Both have as their fundamental reason, the evolution of the spirits that strayed away from God even before there was a physical universe.

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Spiritual evolution is not predetermined by destiny and is created by our daily actions, the effort to overcome, the will to change towards the Good, the understanding before the vicissitudes of life. To evolve means to amend, to correct the error of the spirit. It needs recognition, repentance, intention and willingness to change towards the Good, projecting it into actions that facilitate spiritual evolution.


The School maintains as a doctrinal principle that the Redemption or Salvation of the Spirits, is a reality for all. There is no eternal damnation.


The principle of Incarnation and Reincarnation indicates that the spirit has the opportunity to return to improve its spiritual state, that is, to evolve, and it can do so, no matter what belief it practices.


In general, human beings believe that God punishes and imposes perpetual punishments. The School maintains that suffering is the consequence of the disorder that the spirit produces in successive lives or in the spiritual dimension.


Loving God helps to live better and to respect all human beings, regardless of the faith they profess or the color of their skin, the Teaching of Redemption is so that this disorder of the spirit can be overcome, God, through his Spiritual Principles, gives everyone the opportunity to evolve, spiritual evolution can be done without suffering, understanding these principles brings the knowledge as to why there is so much disharmony in our human world and that allow us to evolve.


On some occasions man suffers and holds God responsible for his suffering. The Creator Does Not Punish, therefore, there is no need to fear him. The Teacher Jesus of Nazareth teaches that God should be loved, because what is loved can be respected: he who fears God cannot love him, one cannot love what it fears.


It is important to understand that no religion has the absolute truth, it, is not known in this world, the truth can only be found where the Creator is. Each religion has its share of truth and all truths can be joined, albeit with different rituals and practices. The important thing is that each one of us, when we leave our the places of worship, do so considering themselves a child of God, all as brothers respecting each other.


The spirits will return to God, evolving with effort and improvement; it will do so once it’s spiritual harmony has been regained, that is, free of errors.


The Teacher is the Spiritual Guide of the Teaching, for the Institution Jesus of Nazareth is the Redeemer. The School maintains that Mary was the biological mother of Jesus, and together with Joseph formed a family according to the rites of the Jewish religion, as was appropriate at that time. Seven children came to that home, the sixth was Jesus of Nazareth. But He was a spirit in complete spiritual harmony, who, due to the mission he fulfilled and continues to carry out, is called Redeemer, just as we do with his parents, who were also spirits of in spiritual harmony.


The Basilio Scientific School begun with the spiritual knowledge of the co-founder of the Institution, Blanca Aubreton de Lambert and the co-founder, Eugenio Portal. Then, the School took its own course according to the New Idea brought by the Envoy of God, Jesus of Nazareth, who is considered the Spiritual Guide of the Teaching.


In the present century, this Institution disseminates the Teaching of Redemption brought by Jesus of Nazareth 2000 years ago called the New Idea, its essential purpose is to reconnect man with God.


If you would like to know more about the teaching that the Basilio Scientific School transmits, I invite you to visit us, we transmit spiritual knowledge, so that you know where you came from, what you are doing here and what options you have when we leave these human bodies, we also transmit spiritual assistance, which together with our spiritual practices allow us to evolve spiritually with the hope of returning to GOD the creator, genesis of our spiritual existence.

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