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About us

The Basilio Scientific School is a Spiritual/Religious organization. We call the places where we gather, Schools, presently we have 359 schools worldwide, in South America, North America, Europe, and Australia.

 Founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 1, 1917 by two French immigrants Eugenio Portal (1867-1927) and Blanca Aubreton de Lambert (1867-1920). 

Our story

The motive for its founding is to reconnect humanity with God, and the recognition, study, and expansion of the Spiritual Knowledge that Jesus of Nazareth transmitted during his time on earth and continues to transmit from the spiritual dimension of harmony, showing mankind the truth regarding the existence of the spirit in all its manifestations.

Because we are not dogmatic and dedicate ourself to the study, teachings, and investigations of the Spiritual Science it is called a Scientific School.


There is no cost associated with attending the Basilio Scientific School, nothing is sold or exchange, and its Spiritual Coordinators (caretakers of the individual schools) never receive a salary or make any monies from any of the activities in the School: all the work is done voluntary.


All visitors are welcomed and have the opportunity to listen to conferences, ask questions and experience the spiritual environment.

Our knowledge

Top 25 questions

1. Who is God?

God is Our Creator, the harmonious creating energy that created our spirits.

2. How did God, create us?

He created us all in perfectibility, all together at the same time, before the existence of the physical universe. He endowed us with spiritual harmony, to exist with him in eternity.


3. Does God punish us if we do not obey him?

No, God, Our Creator does not impose, order us, or punish us in any way. Our Creator is all love; punishment is done by spirits that lack harmony, not God,

4. What are spirits?

It is the I, the consciousness of the human being. It is the intelligence that powers the mind, brain, and nervous system to guide the actions of our human body.


5. Where is the spirit that guides the body located?

We the spirits connect to our bodies via the frontal lobes of the cerebrum, we transmits our intentions to the mind through a link of spiritual vibrations, which then passes to the brain. The brain codifies the vibrations and passes it on to the nervous system for action.


6. Are there good and bad spirits?

God created all spirits in spiritual harmony, but some of us deviated from that purity, so therefore, we now vibrate with lack of spiritual harmony, which is the reason for our suffering.

7. Can spirits that lack harmony change?

Yes, they can change, one of our attributes is freedom, which God gave us at creation. We used freedom when we freely deviated from God’s side in eternity, and now we are using it to return to Him.


8. Can spirits pass through physical bodies?

There exist 2 dimensions; one is the physical universe where all matter resides, including our bodies, and the other is the spiritual dimension where spirits reside. These are two different dimensions; therefore, the spirits do not pass-through physical bodies because they are not in the physical dimension, they/we exist in the spiritual dimension thus these two dimensions exist in parallel.


9. Can other spirits enter my body?

No, they cannot because the peribody that surrounds our bodies protects us.


10. Can spirits move physical objects?

No, they cannot. Only other objects or physical bodies can interact with another physical bodies or objects. In addition, spirits cannot make rocking chairs rock, turn lights on and off, etc. because they reside in the spiritual dimension.


11. Can we see spirits?

No, we cannot see them with our eyes, but we can perceive them through the intuitive activity of our minds, (mediumship). This can lead to a sensation that we are seeing them with our eyes.


12. Can we communicate with spirits in the spiritual dimension?

Yes, all human beings have the capacity to communicate with the spiritual world using our intuition, which is an inherent activity of the mind.


13. What is the mind?

The mind is an ethereal system that exists between the spirit and the cerebrum. Its job is to identify and codify spiritual vibrations and intentions into thoughts and ideas. By means of the intuition of our mind, we can perceive the intentions of other spirits.


14. What type of spiritual communications can we have?

We can communicate with our own spiritual guide whose mission is to guide us towards our spiritual evolution. We can also perceive communications from our family members who have passed.


15. If we are spirits, why do I have a human body?

Human life or human experience is an opportunity that we, the spirits, freely chose, inhabiting a human body, seeking our spiritual evolution.


16. Does reincarnation exist?

Yes, it is an option that we have as spirits, to inhabit a human body with different parents and families, to obtain our evolution.


17. What is the meaning of death?

It is the permanent separation of the spirit from the human body. The body remains lifeless, but the spirit is infinite and never dies.


18. What happens after we leave our body?

We return to our natural state in the spiritual dimensions. When we leave our human condition, our families and friends who have passed will be there to greet and help us go to the spiritual level in which we belong. If we fail to evolve we will be greeted by those same erroneous spirits that we have associated ourselves throughout our human life.


19. If we do not achieve our spiritual evolution, do we go to hell?

No, because perpetual punishment does not exist. The Creator does not punish. When we leave our human bodies, we are free to choose. We may choose to return to the spiritual disharmony of error from where we came from and attempt our evolution in another moment; or we can join the Good and continue our spiritual evolution.


20. What is The Good?

The Good is a group of spirits that work together for the wellbeing of their brothers who seek their spiritual evolution. Among them are The Redeemers, Jesus of Nazareth, Joseph of Nazareth, and Mary of Jericho.


21. Who is Jesus of Nazareth?

Jesus is not God. He is a spirit, a creation of God, just like us. The difference is that Jesus, like the majority of spirits, never lost their spiritual harmony.


22. Why do we call them The Redeemers?

We call them The Redeemers because these three spirits, whom we know by the names of Jesus of Nazareth, Mary of Jericho, and Joseph of Nazareth, are spirits in total harmony, voluntarily asked to come to this planet and inhabit a human body, to bring the principles of The Creator to their brothers.

​23. Does Jesus of Nazareth manifest himself in the School?

Yes, he transmits spiritual knowledge just as he did during his human life, he does this using the mind of a human being during Spiritual Acts of Faith in our institution.

24. What is the spiritual assistance transmitted in the schools?

The Good transmits spiritual assistance (vibrations) for our spiritual and material environment. The spiritual vibrations transmitted by the spirits of The Good helps the function of our human body, reinforcing the spiritual energy of our organs. On the spiritual side, it helps to calm our spiritual state, giving us peace and tranquility.


25. Who founded Basilio Scientific School?

The founders were Eugenio Portal and Blanca Aubreton de Lambert. On November 1, 1917, the cofounders initiated the redeeming task of creating an institution to continue with the spiritual teachings transmitted Jesus of Nazareth 2,000 years ago.


In his first message, Jesus said:

“It will be a School because it will transmit knowledge. It will be Scientific because it will investigate the existence of the spirit. Its doors will always remain open to help those who suffer, and to establish the norms of equality. Love will be its base; a vital point of all good actions.”

                        Jesus of Nazareth

                        November 1, 1917

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